International Digest® Consultation



Accurately diagnosing gut conditions can be extremely difficult.


A patient with gut problems can present to their doctor with only a limited number of symptoms- unfortunately these same symptoms can occur in many conditions.


An International Digest® consultation with one of our doctors enables a sound clinical history to be taken in an unhurried fashion. During this interview our doctors can tease out all of the relevant factors in the patient's presenting complaint. Followed by clinical examination these two basic but crucial clinical steps give the patient with gut problems the reassurance that he/she has had a bespoke and thorough clinical assessment in the primary care setting.


On the basis of the history and examination findings our medical professionals at International Digest®  will formulate a management plan to investigate, diagnose and treat gut problems.


When our doctors feel onward referral is required for specialist assessment this will be explained to the patient. We can arrange same-day referrals to appropriate hospital specialists before the patient leaves their International Digest® consultation.