For the first time a comprehensive gut health check is offered with our Wellgut® health assessment.


Detailed questions and diagnostic tests, as used by medical and surgical gastroenterologists in specialised hospital clinics, "fused" into one single product.


The Wellgut® assessment is suitable for anyone aged 16 and older who is either worried about their ongoing abdominal symptoms or for those who simply wish peace of mind with the reassurance of a state-of-the-art gut health check.


Our Wellgut® assessment comprises:


  • review of the the client's completed Wellgut® questionnaire which looks at symptoms and past medical history
  • unhurried consultation and examination with a Wellgut® doctor
  • same-day results whenever possible
  • generation of a detailed and dual reported individual health summary
  • bespoke advice to preserve health and reduce future risks
  • fast-track referral, when indicated, to private specialists



Patients should note that no laboratory test is 100% accurate at diagnosing clinical conditions. We advise all patients who have ongoing symptoms to have their Wellgut® assessment considered in conjunction with an appropriate clinical/specialist opinion.